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The Best Social Media Scheduler.

MaherPlanner helps you schedule social media posts and improve your social media marketing.

Auto post to multiple Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, Facebook profiles, groups & pages, Pinterest accounts, Linkedin accounts & much more!

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Why MaherPlanner?

With so much competition online, the only way to get ahead is by working smartly. Social Media Marketing is essential. But not many get successful results from Social media.

Doing menial work and spending hours to post to social media sites is not a smart thing to do in this day and age.

That's where MaherPlanner comes in. MaherPlanner does all your social media work for you while you work on other aspects of your business.

Plan your social media activity in just 5 minutes and let MaherPlanner work for you all week or month on autopilot.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts on AutoPilot!

MaherPlanner is a complete solution for all your social media marketing needs. With MaherPlanner, you can:
  • Auto Post to Facebook Profiles, Pages & Joined Groups
  • Post to Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Post to Multiple Pinterest Boards
  • Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts
  • Post to Multiple LinkedIn Accounts & Groups
  • Add Your Watermark Automatically to All Images
MaherPlanner Social Media Scheduler
Add Watermark to Images & Post to Social Media

Automatically Add Your Watermark To Images

Add your logo or Watermark on each image being posted on social networks automatically with MaherPlanner.

Post hundreds or thousands of images with your logo without the need of any third party tool.

How cool is that?

Interactive & User Friendly File Manager

With MaherPlanner File Manager, you can manage and post your images to all social media sites very easily.

Schedule hundreds of images to Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest smoothly from your computer or phone with the use of MaherPlanner's File Manager.

You can also retrieve images from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to MaherPlanner and post to social media directly.

Managing your images and posting them to social media is going to be fun with MaherPlanner.

MaherPlanner File Manager

Facebook Auto Poster helps you take your Facebook marketing to the next level!

With MaherPlanner, you can schedule and posts to multiple Facebook profiles, manage your pages and post to Joined Facebook Groups.
Facebook Auto Poster - MaherPlanner
MaherPlanner - Instagram Auto Poster

Schedule Your Instagram Posts Like a Champ!

Schedule hundreds of photos to your multiple Instagram accounts from the same dashboard.

Instagram posting has never been this easy!

Use Instagram Scheduler and take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Pricing plans and options

Get the most efficient and most affordable social media poster on the market.
One-time payment, no monthly fees.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Add up to 8 social accounts (2 on each)
Upload Images & Videos
Watermark & Image Editor Support
Premium support
Spintax support
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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Add up to 25 social accounts (5 on each)
Upload Images & Videos
Watermark & Image Editor Support
Premium support
Spintax support
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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Add up to 50 social accounts (10 on each)
Upload Images & Videos
Watermark & Image Editor Support
Premium support
Spintax support
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User reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read the testimonials from our happy customers.
I really hate going to each social media account every few hours to post. MaherPlanner takes care of that for me. I just schedule them once a week and see the leads coming in.

Russell Davis

Owner, LoRay Enterprise

It's really helpful, I really enjoy using MaherPlanner to schedule loads of posts to Instagram and Twitter.

Melisa Hadley

The Record Shops at TSS

MaherPlanner is taking my site to new heights of success. Since I started posting to all social media accounts using MaherPlanner, I have got a big boost to website's traffic, online presence and SEO! I LOVE IT!

Travis Holland


In 2 minutes, all my social media posts are scheduled. Truly the smartest investment I ever made.

Mary Porter

Dream Home Improvements

Popular questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. How does the app work?

MaherPlanner is the web-based app. It is optimized for computer and mobile. So you can use it on any web browser. It works on all Operating systems.

2. Can I post to multiple social media accounts?

Yes. With MaherPlanner, you can post to multiple Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, LinkedIn accounts, Pinterest accounts, and Facebook accounts. How many accounts you can post to depends on the plan you select.

3. How many accounts can I use in each plan?

There are 3 plans for MaherPlanner: Basic, Plus, and Premium. In the Basic plan, you can connect 2 accounts of each social media site. (Instagram is not included in basic plan)


In Plus, you can connect 5 accounts of each social media and in Premium, you can connect 10 accounts of each social media site.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal. You can also pay through your Credit/Debit card through PayPal.

If you are not able to pay via PayPal, email us and we’ll see if there’s any other payment method available for your country.

5. Why is it so cheaper than some other brands?

Because we strive to provide the best services at affordable prices to our customers so they can automate their social media activities and let MaherPlanner work for them.

6. How to get in touch?

You can contact us anytime through: Contact Us

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Visit our blog for MaherPlanner guides and social media marketing tips.


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