How to Connect Your Social Media Accounts With MaherPlanner

MaherPlanner allows you to schedule your posts to social media accounts. But before you can get started, you need to connect your social media accounts to MaherPlanner.

How many accounts you can connect with MaherPlanner depends on the plan you select.

Here are step by step guides on how to connect your social media accounts with MaherPlanner.

Before we get started, Go to account manager in MaherPlanner.

Connect Facebook Accounts

To connect Facebook accounts with MaherPlanner, Click on the + button on the Facebook accounts tab as shown in the image below.

Add Facebook account to MaherPlanner

It’ll open a window like this:

Facebook account to MaherPlanner

Here, add your Facebook username and password and click Get access token. It’ll retrieve your account access token and display below.

Copy the whole access token text, paste it in the Facebook access token window as shown above and click Add account.

You’ll get a message saying the account added successfully.

Here’s a video on connecting the Facebook account to MaherPlanner:

Connect Instagram Account

To connect the Instagram account to MaherPlanner, click + button next Instagram account section and a new pop up will show up:

Connect Instagram account to MaherPlanner

First, add your Instagram username and password.

For proxy, you don’t need to do anything as the system will use a proxy automatically that we have defined. But if you want to use your personal proxy, you can do so. To use your own proxy, add your proxy in the proxy field like this:¬†http://user:[email protected]:port

Next, click add account.

Sometimes you might a checkpoint. In that case, Instagram will send a security code to your phone or email. MaherPlanner will show you a new field for the security code. Simply add the security code to that field and click Add account button.

Your Instagram account will be added.

Connect Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn Accounts

Connecting Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn is really easy.

Click + button next to each section and it’ll take you to a new window on respective social media accounts to connect MaherPlanner.

Simply click allow and connect the MaherPlanner app with your social media accounts.

Your accounts will be connected.

If you have any questions or issues, Please contact us and we’ll help you out.

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